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Amelie Hairband - Fleur James Blue

Amelie Hairband - Fleur James Blue

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Beautiful Hairband made from soft certified *European Flax Linen in a lovely sky blue. Embroidered by hand in our Somerset Studio. 

Our hand embroidery is drawn from inspiration around the farm. We have many fields of dandelions stretching as far as the eye can see across the green green grass outside the studio. Each embroidered dandelion is stitched by hand using pure cotton sashiko thread. Their charm is that each varies a little from band to band. They are totally unique pieces for your head. Stitched onto the blue linen they are gorgeous enough to wear every day and will elevate your outfits. Perfect for special events.

All Hairbands come in an organic cotton gifting bag

Standard size Hairband

Hand Embroidery. No two are the same. Please allow time for this Hairband to be made for you approximately 8 days.

Circumference 38 cm ( all the way around from edge to edge on the outside)

Millinery Grade Base Bands which are soft and malleable

*European Flax Fiber is produced exclusively in France, Belgium or the Netherlands. The European Flax Charter, signed by all Flax producers, guarantees local farming that respects the environment, committed to zero irrigation, zero GMO and zero waste

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